Méndez Group

What do we do?

What have we done?



100% Mexican company, a pioneer in introducing automation in Mexico for over 20 years.

It currently has offices around the country and in Central America: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru.

It has participated in projects such as Torre Mayor, the expansion of International Airport of Mexico City, Toluca and hotel chains in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.



Create a brand positioning with end users, through innovative technology, quality and durability of equipment.

 While consolidating its presence through a network of distributors across the country, permeating information on the added value of the company.

Actions that together help to strengthen and professionalize the automation profession.



-          The half was diversified by source, for them to get information according to its editorial, covering the niche business of the company.

-          Were located national current issues, to include as a player MERIK relevant.

-          Creation of MERIK synergy with media.

-          It opened new channels of communication and training with distributors.



-          It was possible to form a group of journalists interested in business development MERIK.

-          Placing MERIK with your prospects, as solid company setting trends in the market.

 -          Four years after starting the project, MERIK has managed to make a difference with other competitors in      the market and raise awareness in their end customers on the importance of automation in their daily lives and as a tool to protect their assets and security, as well offering comfort equipment.