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Mayakoba Golf Classic




PGA TOUR's Mayakoba Golf Classic, the first tournament that takes place in Mexico since 2007. Located south of Cancun on the Caribbean coast known as the Riviera Maya.

With a field of 7.039 yards and 18 holes called "Camaleon"  designed by Greg Norman, offers players a constant change in the field and running from mangroves to the sea, designed to harmonize with the virgin tropical environment that prevails in the instead, characteristics that make it unique not only for Mexico but for the whole world.


Perform the launch of the PGA tournaments and AJAG, events first held in Mexico, a new field and in the context of low penetration of Golf in society.

 Create expectation with international players, in order to position the tournament and raise the prize.

 Start positioning Golf FORE Everyone, with the aim of encouraging participation in sport and integrate golf in community activities.


 -           Developed a plan calling Open Tournament Players United States, Mexico and Canada.

 -          Diffusion at national and international level of competition, technical merit and experience representing the Golf Course "The Camaleon".

 -          Partnerships with the AJGA, nonprofit association dedicated to the welfare and development of young people who aspire to earn college scholarships through competitive junior golf in the U.S., and over 25 countries.


-           At five years after starting positioning Mayakoba Golf Classic, now the tournament is located as an international reference with the likes of Johnson Wagner, Oscar Fraustro and Greg Norman.

-           Mayakoba Golf Classic opened new possibilities for professional golf in Mexico, supporting and including in its tournaments to the talent and professional level to compete against the best golfers in the world.

-          In 2012 the prize of the tournament was 4,000,000 USD.

 -          Was also announced their stay for 10 years, generating partnership with the State Government for its importance in the dissemination of tourism in the region.

- Delivering more than 5,000 domestic and international news reflected the pervasiveness and importance of the Tournament.